Statement to the Caldari militia internal police operation


as there were some misunderstandings and misconceptions written by reporters of the GalNet (what can u expect from Gallente newspapers, right?), I would like to make some summary of the war status.

The war begin when two militia corporations (Krieger Allianz and Dharma Industries) started to gank friendly militia ships in tama. Ganks were usually followed by chestbeating in local.

After  they applied some wdecks to pickup FCs from friendly fleets and start open cooperation with Gallente (but also they stay in Caldari militia), strongest Caldari militia corporations united and destroyed several enemy fleets in battles (followed by usuall tears of totally outnumbered enemy – they should think about it in moment they wdeck us).

Second phase of operation “Asshat destruction” was their complete wipeout from the highsec, which included destruction of their large research tower and their BS fleet in system of  Ikami.

After this big blow,  several members of Krieger Allianz left and others left to corporation L1ghts Out (same with Dharma Industries).

As the result of further opertations they play “Tama online” only now without any ability to operate in further systems in high sec or lowsec without use of their alts or without help of Gallente militia (btw they can join them and we can save isk for the wdecks).

We keep open wdeck on L1ghts out corporation as they are actively cooperating with the Gallente militia in tama, but campaign is now in the “business as usual-KOS” mode so the tracking on the killboard will be freezed soon.

Krieger Allianz and Dharma Industries are now empty bags not worthy hitting. In case they will reactivate these corps inside Caldari militia the alliance will immediately aply the wdecks.

Also we actively tracking their alts and alt corps so they supply lines will be cutted soon.

Special thanks to all Caldari militia CEOs (especially to Ramingo and Necroman) and pilots who helped to finish this operation succesfully.


Hidden Snake



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