Why not to act like a Lemming – message to new people in Caldari militia


As new people are coming into Caldari mitlitia, I would like to make some message about “Leming behaviour and honorable fights” which was quite common in past and sometimes happens to the new members too.

Just to comment few points I hear sometimes:

1) FW is about PVP and kills! So lets jump on them (stop thinking here please)!

Oh yeah it is. But honestly Caldari militia is now outnumbered and outgunned by Gallente usually 2 to 1 or 3 to 2 in major headclash fights (plus they cooperate with some null/pirate entities too). And do not look on official stats just watch how many you can pick for militia blob during prime times.  There is lot of dead souls, noobs and mission runners who joined Caldari FW to run missions and suck isk.  So the smart way is not to headclash every gallente gang you just spotted. It is vital to maintain intel even in small gangs so everytime dedicate at least 2 people to do the scouting before you engage something and gank targets you can pick. Keep the kill/death ratio high and avoid slugfest because in 90% you will lose because they have backup somewhere and/or they will hotdrop you just for fun. DO NOT GIVE THEM GOOD FIGHTS!  GIVE GOOD FIGHTS TO YOURSELF!

2) Tama camped! Rally up and form a response fleet (of 5-10 lemmings) and hit them! (and die after some nice hot drop)

Tama is chokepoint usually full of WTs and pirates cooperating with them. There are also enemy caps.  If you wanna break into the lowsec it is the worst point for noobs in bigger than frig ship. In prime time is usually camped. Come with fleet (and scouts) or use other entrances to low-sec (like Onnamon/ Kinaka). Other trick is to travel through Gallente high sec, but it requires some experience how to handle navy. Please do not consider this statement based on some ocasions when we control Tama. Tama is always hot, just sometimes it is hot because of us.

3) I am in tripple plated, tripple trimarked BS/BC and I have some skills in it (ie all to lvl3)! I will bring firepower to your frig/dessie fleet!

Actually not. At first you will be brick on the leg of the fleet which biggest advantage is the ability to move fast and hit and run. FC who will try to protect you will sacrifice the whole fleet and loose you, FC who will left you behind will lose expensive ship.  Use these ships when the time is right (and u r ready). Have various ship classes ready in Nourv so if the FC calls for reshiping u can react. If you cannot fly it properly, do not fly it. Do not hesitate to ask  more experienced people for setups and skills needed (If one dick will refuse, ask another) – do not ask in general militia chat – convo privately. Train ur reflexes on smaller ships so u will have the right mind setup for bigger ships.

Note: allways keep one fitted Condor/Griffin for comedy fleets in Tama!

4) There is honor in suicide attacks! We  do it for combat honor, right?!?

If you was born lemming, then suit yourself and enjoy. If you was born with some limited amount of brain cells, please suicide only with purpose. Killing faction ships in T1 shit is always fun or you can be bait, but please never suicide to reach some level of self-respect or to show ur bravery to enemy – it is not worthy (and it will give you just disappointment).  You will give them easy kills in most situations and they will come later to take more, because they know u r suicide retard.

5) They were taunting me in Tama (any system you pick – even in our high sec) local, calling my mom names and me coward! Lets jump into first crap I have in hangar and hit them! I love my mom!!!

I love my mom too, but if somebody will call her names in local in Tama, I will just stay cool and plan how to kill bastard (preferably out of Tama and with all his friends and their friends etc. later).  Listen to more experienced and ignore the local smacktalk. Think about it. Some reckless teenage pirates can give you some intel for free sometimes. Or once you are cool down, you can lure him into trap with your friends (invite him to 1v1 party and gank him or just pretend to be easy kill and drop shit on him). And yes I do not honor 1v1 (as I think it is bullshit in war).

6) OMG they are in our high sec! Red alert! To the battlestations! Snake! Why the hell u r sitting on the bar drinking that long drink and smacking in local?!? Jump into your pod! State needs you!

So what? I like to do high sec raids. So first – u should have instaundocks from the stations u stay. Second – see the local how many of them are. More than ten? Ok they tank the navy elsewhere. Is there fleet forming? OK form up and stay cool. Decide what to do. Pick scouts. Stay Cool. Send scouts/probers to locate enemies  and keep eyes on them. Stay Cool. Stay Cool. Did I say Stay Cool? Move fleet to one safe spot and be ready. Locate the tankers (probers might help), if they are just speed tanking >> kill them and then kill enemies with navy (if they are stupid enough to stay).  If they are bouncing safespots just locate lonely targets and gank them. DO NOT GIVE ENEMY EASY KILLS!! STAY COOL and TRY TO BE ORGANIZED.

Too complicated? Just take 20 frigs, rush through pipes and gank things u found and raid their own high sec.  3 months ago we killed 5 billion jump freighter in the moment half of the Gallente militia were camping Tama and Nourv. Just think out of the box.

7) It is about giving them good fight! Right?!?

NO! This is one of the biggest misunderstanding of pvp in EVE. It is about enjoying good fight not about giving somebody good fight (because it usually means u will lose ur ship). Just kill them and find the way how to do it efficiently and enjoyable way. In FW is Caldari side suffering from beginning with several problems (like high percentage of pvp noobs, Caldari ship setups too PVE oriented, low percentage of active pvpers etc.), use these not as problems, but just as conditions you have to live with and adapt to them. This is especially needed in moment our side is on the low part of the FW cycle.  Are they rumbling around with cap backed BS blob? Jump into frigs and kill stuff around or in their high sec! DO NOT GIVE THEM GOOD FIGHTS! KILL THEM AND LAUGH ON THEIR WRECKS AND DEAD PODS! FRUSTRATE THEM TO HELL!

Please if you have doubts about these ideas, check our killboard stats. We do not lemming too much and we kill stuff (despite the facts we make lot of noobie mistakes). And yes, some of the enemies found our ethics questionable. We are not sure what ethics is, so we will investigate it more to see if we can fry it and eat it.

Hidden Snake


PS: Sorry for the English (not my native language)


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