Why not to act like a Lemming II – message to militia FCs


As I still see some sad battle results on the militia killboard – usually led by some unknown lemming hero. I would like to drop some of the ideas to FCs and summarize tactical advices and concerns of current status on the battlefield. It is just mixup of points, but it might be worth reading.

So this time it is for the FCs:

1/ Numbers – Not so important as it might look. Very important exactly as it looks.

Gents they still outnumber us 2 to 1. Yesterday I formed nice fleet of 34 cruiser and bellow. I had intention to shipup to BC heavy till I collect all intel from several scouts and find out there are 3 cooperating gangs (BS/BC heavy) with together 70 enemies and with 5 cap pilots on standby in nisuwa. Well lets say this smelled fishy a bit. So I decided to go and roam in a cruiser and bellow – and we shut down Villore again and get some nice kills there. It took about 35 mins to frogs to form any sort of resistance and another 15 to pull their ships to the villore to chase us out (without ability to harm us significantly).

Direct facing their blobs requires special techniques (logi circles, capital overkills on field, smartbombing traps) and unfortunately also the numbers – general militia as itself lacks all of these attributes in general and major corporations did not reach level high enough yet. So if you are not sure you cannot win by overkill, do not give them easy kills.  If you can just outmaneuver them and kill their scouts and support. Do not headclash them (u cannot win).

2/ Scouting – Do not be a blind man surrounded by loud and deaf.

Send more then 1 scout to all nearby systems before and during the fleet so you will have complex idea about enemy fleets (there is allways more then one). Scouting will give u all info you need to decide if enemies are viable targets or not.

Also keep ur dogs on leash. In case some of the fleet members are not disciplined, just kick him from fleet. People like this usually screw up ur plans.

3/ Fight or not fight? Decision is yours and reponsibility too.

It is easy to enter the fight.  It is much tougher to decide no to fight in case you feel odds are strongly against you. But if you regroup you have a chance to find other way to defeat enemy.

4/ There are just 2 ways from Tama to OMS right?

For all blind fcs in militia, there are several other entrances on the battlefield then Tama and there are several other pipes u can use. Just check dotlan maps and if you wanna go advanced check also high sec routes as they are not camped and you can stick barbed wired stick into their **** so easily.

5/ Tama is important right?!? My mom lived in Tama so it is important right!

No. It is simply just symbol. Would be nice if we can rid of the scumm of tama, however oposing forces comming there are too strong now for direct encounter now.  It is much easier to shut down their own highsec with 20 firgs then to dominate Tama in current state of general militia. It will change soon, but not now.

6/ Spies and neutral alts

Try to get at least one neutral alt on strategical positions inside Gallente highsec (Villore is prefered) so you will have basic intel  on enemy movements. Also running several spies inside Gallente militia helps a lot – they are much easier to implement then into Caldari.

7/ I am f***ng hero of the State so I will go fight with my lads despite what you little coward thinks.

Serve yourself and “enjoy” consequences.  Or just throw away all the RP bull***t and just think how to kill them, without headclashing them. Make some quick plans of approach and pick targets.  Change the plans based on intel feed from scouts.

If you wanna complain about our methods check our killboard stats. This month IBS surpass most of the top ten corps by 300-400 kills (except for the Pervs who share similar doctrine and inspired us in many things – we usually get over their ratio by 200 kills) ie. 100%.  Compare it to our medium size (35-40) and limited cap capability.  Would be nice if other corps can race with us on the top, but so far only Pervs can do, but for some reason they do not take it (i guess they are bit sleepy and lazy now 😉 ).

8/ Is there any hope?

Of course there is! You just have to be patient. As many corps need to revive from strike of the “Gavins great robbery” and new pilots/FCs have to rise skills to use more complex tactics and logistics on the field. Also the number of active pvpers have to rise to field stronger fleets. 5 months ago we were totaly down – remberit and compare it to the state where we are going.

Also Caldari militia has to lose the flavor of the noob militia – we are working on it and we were contacted by several big fighting force as someone with solid pvp reputation in past 3 months (I told them we stay in militia as we like it).


Hidden Snake

“One day, I hope I do not have to FC Caldari fleets as there will be line of much better FCs – I am just accidntel FC. In that day, I will be more pilot then a clerk again.”



  1. You are doing good work with small fleets, those are fast and agile and much funnier than bs fleets. Keep it up !

  2. Well I can do some rumble with BS gangs too, but sheer outnumbering just forces me to this tactics. It is ofc fun, but it is asymetric warfare.

    One day we will pay them special visit, but it still needs some time.

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