You step on puppy, wolves will come and chew your head off (or u can stay dock for quite long) – little high sec drama


About 6 days ago I got wind that “Hexxed warriors” are wdecking one small cali militia corp. Well I am not trigger happy wdeck back everything rule (despite the mutual defence commitment we have inside militia) so I tried to solve things diplomatic way (especially because I know Hexxed from old militia times) .  Well discussion with sean### (CEO) was kinda loooong and sometimes retarded. And when I heard no real reason for their wdeck I put our cards on the table and tell him the option to some time limited one week wdeck (so “honors and epeens” can be settled down) otherwise major cali militia corps will wdeck them. After waterfall of tears and acusation, that IBS is so much bigger corp etc. etc. (I think word coward and no honor was on the table too 😉 ), no reall settlement was placed so I decided to turn on the lights on them.

From Sunday 16th May 2010 200+ head wolfpack is playing unfortunate high sec wars with them and another tiny high sec corp.

Hope sean you r enjoying bar in the station (as I guess it will be mostly station gaming). We really do not like these high sec wars but please ask Kriegers Allianz, Dharma Industries or L1ghts out, that we can be pretty persistant (when it comes to the enemies of the miltia).

I tried to settle things down again after first day of wdeck, but only smacktalk was present on the other side and other CEOs of cali militia were not willing to get over this so easy.

Sean I am sorry for the old times, but you crossed the line this time.

War can end only if Hexxed will drop the wdeck against any cali militia.

Regarding the numbers sean you allways should think twice before you kick wolf puppy in middle of the wolfpack.  We really care here, even for the smaller and stupider in our lines.

To other people:

I am willing to pay serious isk for information about any Hexxed Warriors POS, structure, neutral connected corp etc.

Hidden Snake


PS: and yes u r right , I am not some leader of militia, I just got my part of the word when it comes to decisions (there are other independent corps who are involved in this).


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