Kicking our friends is not good idea

Caladari naval reserve just wdecked 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse for no real reason. Pit bull (CEO of CNR) finaly get crazy, so we have to make him hotdog.

4 Horseman are our long term allies and friends in militia. We will not stand aside. Coallition of caldari militia applied wdecks on CNR today.

We recommend all members of  CNR to leave Pitbull alone as we are aware of the internal condition in this corp and we have no enemy intentions to normal members. We just think Pit Bull is mentaly little bit off the grid with his recent acts.

War will end once CNR will stop agression towards the 4Horsemen.

Hidden Snake




  1. “so we have to make him hotdog”


  2. Comment by Firey Jack on May 19, 2010 5:56 am

    “so we have to make him hotdog”



    And why did you remove the email correspondance Hidden Snake? I thought you said I war decd THE4 for no reason… Looks like you war dec corps for no reason bud.

    Firey, I hope you had implants! HAHAHA

  3. I just wanted to point something out that I find hilarious!

    This is my killboard on your site. Notice I have 1 loss. Take a look at the loss and see who is involved in it. Also consider that I was not pirate, they did not have the right to attack or kill me, but MNG told them to help him because he was getting raped and the people on this mail all lost standings to state pro that day.

    I have never killed a militia member illegally before. They have.

    Maybe you should get your story straight, and realize I have 183 kills and 1 loss, is it such a good idea to war dec me?

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