Caldari Defence Initiative [CDI] pact signed by major Caldari militia corporations

Ladies and Gents

In the darkest hour of the Caldari militia some crazy and brave pilots still bellieved. These few brave souls, outnumbered and outgunned, fought with firm resolve and never lost faith that their time would come. They stood together when vultures such as Krieger Allianz or L1ghts out tried to parasite on their badly hurt militia. They held their ground, brought inner stability to the militia and send the vultures to oblivion.

We all stayed together in dire times and we would like to formalize the friendship forged in these fights. We would like to sign Caldari Defence Initiative [CDI] pact as a display of our long term commitment to strengthen the Caldari militia as well as the State.

Caldari Defence Initiative abides by these principles:

1) Principle of the State – This treaty is only valid as long as the individual corporation stays in the Caldari militia or works for the general wellfare of the Caldari militia. We also help other Caldari militia corps and individuals where and when we are able.

2) Principle of the Friendship forged in the batlle -Whenever someone aggresses any member of CDI, all member corps will come and fight the agressor.

3) Principle of Mutual discussion –  We speak together. We do not wdeck each other. We resolve problems on a mature level through diplomacy first, by guns and missiles second.

4) Principle of Freedom of choice – We are still free CEOs and pilots – disagreement must be respected (no matter how irrational these might be).

Let the bright stars shine upon CDI and Caldari militia!

Hidden Snake

Inglorious-Basterds CEO

This treaty was signed by these CEOs (in the name of their corps):

Hidden Snake – Inglorious-Basterds [I.BS.]

Ramingo – Payable on Death [1POD]

Tommyboy – Pillow Fighters Inc [P-INK]

At’igan Kurucz – Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse [THE4]

Nomedasi – Obvious Indecision [OVERT]

Necroman – Spacetime Enterprises [SPTEN]

Commander Cross – Costolle Military Asistance Corporation [C-MAC]

Evil Tactician – Multistar Protectorate Militia [MS-PM]

Phoenix Red – The Lost Legion [LOLE]

Coilex – The Rapalas [X-RAP]

Nitees – Dark-Force [DRKFR]

Amarr militia ambasadors and other friends of ours were present on the signing ceremony. Special thanks to CEOs of the Amarr militia our closest and dearest ally.

Gallente ambassador was shot in the Villore by Caldari high sec raiding party.

Amarrs are still playing some interesting games with Minmatar ambassador.



  1. o7

  2. Hey Nyxxy, does that mean you’re going to leave & go join the frogs now cos this is being Elitist? 😉

  3. fortunately this one is not MDP …. our goal is to help general militia too

  4. about time

    • well i am slow one … but hard to stop … and rest of militia CEOs works similar way

  5. in before H.S. sensor boost the wt’s


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