[Proposal] – Alliances in the Faction militias

Ladies and gents,

I propose to ballance inability of the faction militia corps to create alliances, which makes response of virtual alliances
(MDP, CDI) to wardecks quite complicated and also increase number of communication channels and organization structures.

How it will work:

1) Corporation can create normal alliances while in the militia
2) Alliances can join militias
3) Alliances cannot have sov once in militia

What it will bring:

1) Simplification of the corporation and wardec mechanics in the militias
2) Militias will be diferent flag – not the “hack style” like it is now
3) Militias will not be overrun by null entities/powerblocks, because they will not sacrifice their precious sov.
4) Reduction of the comm channels
5) Militia corps/alliances can participate on Alliance tournaments without stupid need to create some aritfitial alliances.
6) More organized fights in FW and more FUN IN PVP

CCP please stop treating us as a unwanted child you have with postman. We are pretty pvp strong community and have serious impact on lowsec and economy as FW is biggest shipgrinder in the Eve universe.

I would like to ask other militias leaders to drive this topic as a solid discussion and avoid usual “Warfare and Tactics” animosities.


Hidden Snake



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