Inglorious-Basterds [I.BS.] is on top of the hill for 6 months

Lads ang Gents,

i hereby announce, that IBS is the No1 corp in caldari militia for 6 months! Yeah, fucking half year we are the killing torchlight in the Caldari miltiia outclassing the rest and showing the frogs what it means to be poped by the real basterds. It is important to note that IBS in general avoids pirating so most of the kills are regular wts or local pies.

I Hidden Snake, CEO of IBS, bow before every single member of the IBS for the great work done so far. My special thnx goes to the directors (and escpecially Aurora Nyx) who help me to keep the horde in some shape! Also our allies in CDI allow us more operational freedom – gents we went long way from the ashes of past!

I have to repeat it for hundred times, I never expected such results when I formed IBS as a little “last caldari resistance” corp 9 months ago.

I know we do mistakes, we are not perfect, we work with noobs and idiots, but I like this scratched face we have :).  Because so far we are kinda ROCKING THE HOUSE! Keep up the great work guys. Fight with smile/grin, brain and without any honor!

Hidden Snake



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