Hidden Snake statement to current Failed D wardec


this is message from the sunny beaches of the Rhodos Island in Greece. I want to make few things clear.

  • IBS did not started the war with Failed Diplomacy and therefore we cannot make quick settlement. If so I will do it imediately – and our diplomats tried it before. The war can end only if FD will retract it – I have no tools to stop it. I know it is complicating our actions against the Gallente but say hello to FD who started it.


  • Airric is openly lying that he has nothing against IBS and it is just personal towards me (Hidden Snake) – he shot many other Amarr/Caldari militia people in past so he just wanted easy war (with 3 lost t3s + some other expensive toys already not so easy i guess) . I will make it clear – CEO represents his corp – so I do fuck FD equally, because I think Airric is just acting like a little kid who lost his toy – he went pie –  we killed his legion- little drama – wdec.  Airric is FD CEO so he represents the whole corp.


  • It has nothing personal in it, if we fight we fight with full force and smack – there was some reluctancy in our lines, when I was on vacation (as we moved to new waters too), which si now clearing up  –  thnx Aurora for some steps as acting CEO.


  • There is a chance the people in charge of IBS will setup some settlement till Friday 3rd September, when I am returning back from hollidays.  After my return I guess chances are dropping to zero.

Hidden Snake

“The Busdriver”





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  1. My ship stopped in Rhodes on the way back from the Gulf in 1999. It was by far the most epic and crazy of all my port calls.

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