Winds of change … and some farts

Lads and Gents,

1 year is quite looong time for newb corp. We passed long way. Many people come, some are gone. Some are friends, some are not.  We win, we loose, however we do it everytime our way. In past 2-3 months many of us felt internal unrest and hunger for some change (we did some minor ones – however we need some big bang).

And the change is comming now. At first we will have anniversary party which be from 21st till 28th October. This week will be really funy for us. And after the hangover we will change our little universe a bit.

IBS as it is will leave Caldari militia and will form CDI Alliance with some other fellow corporations.

Agenda is still secret, but dont worry we will stay in touch. Most of us is too tired of the general militia hassle, however we still like the State ;).

We will just become more colourful and with some more friends in local.

Stay tunned for more!

Hidden Snake



  1. I like red

  2. Congratulations! 🙂
    Hope you will have some new experiences outside the State militia^^

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