Caldari supercar died and what is moral lesson out of it?

Well what I saw on militia chat. People from WBR talking about kill in glorious ways, because their friends from SOTF did it with PL – and SOTF chestbeating in the forums. Same setup of ops WBR+SOTF use in null.

Sorry guys if something shows how wrong u r with blue ops then this.

I am really sorry to see exIBS guys sitting in WBR and supporting (loudly or silently) the fagotry. Hope rest of the militia see it.

Hidden Snake

The Busdriver

PS: wake up guys …



  1. Fuckin’ Blue ops…

    • War Dec all in militia!

  2. Lol.

    The pilot that dropped the supercap was a complete idiot. His CEO even said this. He was baiting in a drake which he used to pop a cyno and jump his Wyvern in to kill BC’s and the likes, which is absolutely insane in low-sec without any support.

    WBR do blue ops with SOTF in nullsec space only, not in Black Rise or Placid regions. This is a game, we seek out fights and work with our “enemy” in regions outside of our normal combat zone if it will get us a fight – they are good, mature and capable players, much unlike the Heydieles guys.

    WBR knew nothing about the Wyvern until it was dead. We, clearly, played no part in it and there was nothing that we could have done at the time to save it. If the roles were reversed we would have batphoned and tried to kill it too, even if it was SOTF’s. We are not blue to them, we only run blue ops.

    Same setup of ops? Yes because we field carriers and supercapitals in our null sec roams all the time? I think not.. perhaps you should get your facts straight.

    What exactly is wrong with blue ops? They get us kills, good fights and allow us to expand into areas we otherwise may not. We don’t kill our militia members or violate any game mechanics. Perhaps you should not be so ignorant and open your mind a little – people play this game differently, deal with it in a mature way.

    The ex-IBS guys are here and enjoying what we are doing, does that not say anything to you?

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