Lets write a story – because we fucked up a gameplay

So CCP finaly made it and published some mash up of words (really bad one even for us non English natives from east wildlands) to confirm people leaving fw shortly after the changes were implemented and fight intensity is going down. Of course it is covered in some RP “cloaks and daggers” which are hard to understand – http://community.eveonline.com/news/newsFromEve.asp?of=true&newsTitle=amidst-the-ongoing-vigor-of-the-great-factional-war-there-is-a-strange-undercurrent-of-dissention-and-disappearances .

Gents, with releases like Inferno- full of technical and design flaws it is time to say – we are sorry dear customers, we gonna fix it soon (because u paying us some RL isk, right?) . It is not time to bullshit us by RP cover stories (that is good for some WOW kids -I know u want their bucks too). It is also more  unfortunate, because u were warned about results of the changes before the patch release, by people who were testing the game (this time I mean not only FW, but also that major fuckup called “new Inventory”).

Can the guys who were reponsible for Crucible (or the mindset) get back to the wheel and clean the mess. Crucible was very nice release because it adressed so many anoying things in the game. You also did right thing with fixing the icons etc. – that was the mindset we want.  I understand u need a job, so you created another pile of anoying things to fix, but you might start listening to your customers and not  just to yourself. From my past nearly 10 year experience as a game developer, I knew the worst thing happening was the moment I started creating the game for myself. Because u will not be paying for your game – happy customers will.

Hope for good people to come back and badies to be eaten by the Blood raiders.

PS: to my hate f(u)an club … there are nice things in the patch too … however they are totaly screwed by things like the new FW changes, inventory changes or eve the new wdec system has some fatal flaws and ofc that pile of bugs which happened.


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