New hope for lowsec I – Death and taxes

So when I told Hans he should resign from CSM because of fail to save lowsec from nullbear wasteland, he told me I should write my ideas abou the lowsec reform. Here comes the first one – differentiated market taxation for advanced technology.

RP part: Empires dont want high tech armies to march through their high sec lawns. Too many people dies in corporate wars and mercenary armies are hard to control. So they come with extra taxation (20-100%) on every t2 or advanced technology sold in high sec (ships, modules, ammo). Even banned some T2/faction ship classes from lowsec and lp stores in high sec offer only limited things. In every restriction is oportunity – smugglers, priates immediately created new markets in lowsec. Some of the modules are even taxated in 0.4 systems.

Logical part: This will force people to come to lowsec for better prices and restricted modules to lowsec. This will create new “shadow market hubs”. More people will move to lowsec, because lowsec trade will be very profitable.

Results: More people in lowsec. More people protecting their asets in low sec. More pvp in lowsec.


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