Dear harrashers …. and EVE online support

So after being harrashed again, I would like to say Eve Online support team (whoever in CCP is in charge for that fail band). You failed again. People like marketjacker are able to harrash me via opening trade windows even when I block them.

Well despite the fact I petitioned this behaviour before – Nothing happened (thnx CCP).

So to all new players comming to EVE online. If you expect any level of support – be ready to chew two sentences>>>”Our logs show nothing + mechanics working as intended (no matter how stupid they are)”.

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It is not about the size of the dog in the fight, but about the size of the fight in the dog


Raka and Naga fliped. Thank u guys.


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Hypocricy anyone?

Well i see lot of tears I cloak my mission ships 😉 …. so is that a combat ship dear gals?

thnx Cap for poping him.

Use what works guys … just dont smack like an idiot later 😉

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BANG – and enemy POS is down


… erhmmm  …. all ur bases belong to us … erhmmm …

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And we are in top ten again…. :)


Thnx to ur effort guys we are back in hitparade business 😉

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“The Busdriver”

Killmail denial service – possible improvement

Lads and gents,


this is gonna be creative one. As we are now facing pretty decent amount of faggots we faced problem of killmail denial “exploit”.

Please no rage about using word exploit. It is probably valid tactics, what sucks is that nobody gets kill mail.

What happened while we were killing the Tengu.

0. SLAPD pilot found he cannot win and his tengu will end in flames

1.he set self destruct

2. jumped out of ship in pod

3. we tried to board the ship – it is not possible because it is set to selfdesruct

4. we poped the ship to make economical damage, but we knew km is lost. 😦


Is there a way to get the kmail?


If not I would propose to change  one of the following when u have aggro.  Similar change which canceled the sucky logoffski shit.

– disable selfdestruct option if aggro (not veryu happy about it though)

– deliver km of empty ship with last blow even if sd – if it had aggro

Or any other creative change that would disable this shit.

Same is with scooping ships into carriers if it is going down – u cannot scoop agressed ship.

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” The Busdriver”



Rising from ashes again….

Ok recrutiment going well. We killing stuff. Well time to accelerate a bit.

Going well to hell and back 🙂

Keep kicking, spiting and biting guys!!!

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